Zenbooth Phone Booth Review

What Is A Zenbooth?

Zenbooth is one of the US companies that comes with an innovative idea to bring a new way of protecting your privacy with your business partner in the office.

Zenbooth Phone Booth Review
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As the name states, this brand produces an office privacy space which is a booth that you can use if you need private conversations. Made with eco-friendly materials and hand-crafted touch, making it the second-to-none booth ever.

We can see the brand’s popularity through its social media followers, which are 487 followers on Twitter, 940 followers on Instagram, and 231 subscribers on Youtube.

Zenbooth knows how to provide a satisfied feeling to every customer, and if you want to know more about what they can give you, this Zenbooth review will reveal the stuff such as in-depth product reviews, pricing, pros & cons, and others.

Let’s dive in!

Why Zenbooth?

For the sake of your privacy protection, Zenbooth proudly presents a privacy booth for you with its high-quality natural aesthetic wood material. Oh, it even comes with multiple size options to perfectly meets your need.

Basically, we found some things worth your consideration in buying the Zenbooth that you can read in the following highlights.

Zenbooth Highlights

  • Made in USA
  • Private space and conversations
  • Ergonomic feature
  • Multiple size options
  • Great ventilation for keeping you cool inside
  • Incredible bright with a full skylight ceiling for natural light
  • 3 years warranty
  • 30-day free returns
  • Fast shipping

What's On Zenbooth

Before going specifically to the Zenbooth phone booth, here is a short description of the brand. Just like its name, it sells eco-friendly booths in several variations including Solo, Duo, and Quad. The main difference is the size and capacity.

On the other hand, the similarity of all variations is the sustainable materials to make the products. They use recycled wood from Oregon and California, high-grade anodized aluminum for the handles and doors, and sustainable recycled material for the insulation.

Their ventilation system also circulates fresh air by its 4-inch clearance of the wall for all variations. However, the electrical options and stationery for each variation are different. Even so, the brand is open to any additional furniture that clients wish to add.

Each variation can be used for various purposes such as meeting rooms, stand-alone meeting rooms, privacy pods, and especially phone booths. The materials are soundproof that even inches away people cannot hear clearly any words from the booth.

To give you in-depth reviews of all Zenbooth products, we show you a more deeper discussion in the next section. Do you want to know more? Read on!

Zenbooth Solo Review

Starting this review with the smallest one, Zenbooth Solo starts from $4,895 with standard shipping in 60 days. Additional costs are for express shipping, assembly service, and an additional adjustable desk.

Zenbooth Solo Review
Image credit: zenbooth.net
zenbooth.net https://zenbooth.net

It has two color finishes for its interior and exterior: white and grey. The exterior size includes 84.5” H x 45.5” W x 41” D and the interior one is 83” H X 36” W x 33.25” D. Overall weight is 254 kg or 560 lbs. The size is ideal for one person only.

Zenbooth Duo Review

Slightly more expensive than the solo one, the Zenbooth Duo is offered from $8,995. The size is relatively similar, but its width is double than the solo one.

Zenbooth Duo Review
Image credit: zenbooth.net
zenbooth.net https://zenbooth.net

The exterior size is 84.5” H x 84” W x 46.5” D and the interior size includes 83” H X 75” W x 37.75” D with 900 lbs or 408 kg for weight. You do not need to pay more for the adjustable desk as it comes with the package.

Clients could pay more though for faster shipping and assembly service that is doubled the price from the solo one. The interior and exterior colors have only two options: maple and white.

This booth is ideally used for two people, but it can also be used by one person only or even three people. More people are not suggested.

Zenbooth Quad Review

Finally coming to the biggest one, the Quad surely has the biggest size and most expensive price.

Zenbooth Quad Review
Image credit: zenbooth.net
zenbooth.net https://zenbooth.net

The interior size covers 84.5” H x 93” W x 93” D and the exterior one includes 84” H x 84” W x 84” D. Its weight is like the duo which is 408 kg or 900 lbs. With such size, the booth can be used by up to 5 people, but ideally, 3 people are enough.

It costs $14,995 with an optional additional ADA compliance door for $200. There is also an assembly service and faster shipping which costs more than the other variations. This type also does not come with any desk, so you can add tables and chairs on your own or request customized furniture from Zenbooth.

Zenbooth Pricing

How Much Is A Zenbooth?

We can’t say that Zenbooth comes with an affordable price, but we believe that price matters for the quality of the products. The following are the price point for each booth this brand offer:

Zenbooth Installation Instructions

Every Zenbooth product comes with installation instructions. If you don’t order the assembly service, you can use the manuals provided by the brand.

Zenbooth Installation Instructions
Image credit: zenbooth.net
zenbooth.net https://zenbooth.net

Usually, it takes two to three people to assemble the booth. Needed tools for each part are also provided in the manual and there are also assembly notes to make the users sure whether they have done it correctly or not.

Basically, the three variations have similar installation instructions which are started by setting up the base. Next is setting up left followed by its interior rear.

The following sequence is the right wall, vent ducts, fan and hatch plate for the circulation, exterior side walls, door and cap header, façade, ceiling, skylight, the door, and finally the interior furniture (desk or ADA compliance).

Zenbooth vs. Room

Some people might still prefer a room over a booth. Here is the honest Zenbooth review and its comparison to a Room.

  Zenbooth Rooms
Various sizes ✖ (only three variations)
More furniture
Spacious ✖ (only some variations)
Cheaper costs

From the table, we can see there are some characteristics that Zenbooth may or may not have. To find the best one, compare the characteristics that it has to the need or condition of having a private space.

Though partitioning to create a conventional room is way cheaper, surely a room is hard to move and does not possess other characteristics that a booth has.

Zenbooth Pros & Cons

Based on customers’ experience, here are the pros and cons of the Zenbooth review.

Zenbooth pros

  • Super green product: not only the material but for every product you purchase they will plant a tree.
  • Reasonable prices: compared to other booth manufacturers, Zenbooth has more reasonable prices and features
  • 30-day return policy: you could get a full refund within 30 days from the delivered date.
  • More promos: through its official website and social media, Zenbooth often gives promos and sales.

Zenbooth Cons

  • Not totally soundproof: the booth doesn’t really silence the sound. Some customers who stand a few inches away could still hear murmur and voices but not clearly.
  • Limited shipping: the booths are only shipped to Canada & US excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and other locations.

Is Zenbooth Worth To Buy?

With its awesome construction which is made of high-quality wood that makes it become an eco-friendly privacy booth, we think that Zenbooth is worth buying.

Is Zenbooth Worth To Buy?
Image credit: zenbooth.net
zenbooth.net https://zenbooth.net

This booth is perfect for anyone who needs a private space for such a private conversation with your business partner. Moreover, with the excellent 3 years guarantees and return, there’s no reason to hesitate in purchasing the booth.

Zenbooth Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

To complete this Zenbooth review, we show you what customers are saying about their booth. We found all of these customers’ reviews on its official site and most of them are happy with their purchases.

The first buyer said:

If your office is hectic. If you’re always running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to find somewhere you can hear the person on the other end of the line, you’re gonna love having Zenbooths

This buyer shows how Zenbooth helps him in case of needing a space for private calls or conversations during the busy office.

On the other hand, someone states:

The booths were surprisingly easy to assemble, and remains super sturdy. People love working in them.

Well, that statement will answer all the questions about the brand’s construction. It is easy to assemble and super duty, which remains a long time use.

Oh, about their service? One of the reviewers even said:

Our booth is awesome and the entire Zenbooth team was a pleasure to work with. This company stands behind its products and provides a truly white glove service from start to finish.

Thus, you shouldn’t doubt anymore about buying a privacy booth for your office. Zenbooth is the perfect place for its high-quality material and service.

How To Contact Zenbooth

One of the brand’s priorities is customer satisfaction, so if you have any problems or inquiries, feel free to get in touch with them through one of the following ways.

  • Phone: (510) 646-8368 (open 9 am – 5 pm PST)
  • Form

Or, you can also request one of this stuff.

Where To Buy Zenbooth

The only place to buy all Zenbooth phone booths and office pods is in its official store since it guaranteed the original product you will get.


The following are some of the frequently asked questions about Zenbooth that you might need to know.

Is Zenbooth Soundproof?

Yes, Zenbooth is soundproof to provide a high privacy protection for all of you.

Where Are Zenbooths Made?

All of the Zenbooth products are made in Berkeley, California, USA.

What Are The Dimensions Of A Zenbooth?

The dimensions are varies based on the model you need:

  • Solo: 83” H x 36” W x 33.25” D
  • Duo: 83” H x 75” W x 37.75” D
  • Quad: 84” H x 84” W x 84” D


Based on the honest Zenbooth review above, the product is worth trying. Moreover, there have not been any complaints online.

If you consider buying one, consider the resource you have or the additional package such as the assembly service, so you can set up the booth with ease. Don’t forget also to record the while you open the package, so you can return it directly.

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