Trademark Engine Review

Trademark Engine is an online service that provides trademark filing services to protect small business brands. The company strives to provide all business owners with the most efficient and cost-effective full service

Trademark Engine Review
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As a disclaimer, this company does not provide legal advice as it is not a law firm. It’s simply about how to get and maintain a trademark for each company by streamlining the process. 

Some registered companies successfully using this service are Perfect Havana, Umi Homegoods, Ready to Hire, Smoxy Glove, Berried Alive, Blessed Puppies, Vogelcrux, and so on. 

They seem active on social media, with 11.1k followers on Facebook. You can always visit their social media accounts for interesting tips and articles on trademark business.

Even better, this website ranked in the top two in the Best Trademark Registration Services 2023 by Forbes, which received a 4.8 rating. That’s good!

If you are starting your business or want to expand your business, then read Trademark Engine Review to improve the value of your company. 

Let’s register your mark now!

Why Trademark Engine?

Nowadays, many trademark registration services can be found on search engines. All of them have their benefits and drawbacks. 

With Trademark Engine, the team is dedicated to providing services courteously, professionally, and efficiently. They aim to fulfill the trademark needs of each client and leave them impressed.

What else? There are more reasons in your favor when you begin using this service, as listed below: 


  • A simple way to get started in as little as 10 minutes 
  • Free Trademark registration guide 
  • Easy to request refund policy 
  • 5-star testimonials for trusted clients 
  • 24/7 helpful customer support 

What's On Trademark Engine

What Does Trademark Engine Do?

Currently, Trademark Engine offers several business services divided into two categories: Trademark and Copyright. What’s the difference between them? Let us break down each service as follows:

  • Trademark 

Every company must protect its brand name by registering its patent rights, including all product manufacturing processes, functionality, design, etc. 

With that in mind, this website provides you to get the ultimate service for trademark registration, comprehensive trademark search, trademark monitoring, free trademark search, and trademark renewal

  • Copyright 

A simple way to understand copyright is to protect a work registered and acknowledged as belonging to a particular person. However, sometimes getting a copyright becomes a little trickier. 

On this website, registering your copyright is more than easier. You can also keep copyright content with confidence with the DMCA takedown engine

How Does Trademark Engine Works?

Before using the Trademark Engine service, please note a few things. All information posted on its website does not intend to be taken as advice on applying the law in legal situations. 

This service can help you to get approval from The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). However, it is not guaranteed to authorize your document thoroughly. Instead, it depends on the business you are operating. 

To get started, check your trademark to see if it’s already used. For the next step, answer all the questions on the website to jump-start the registration process.

Once you’ve done those two processes, the document application will be submitted to the USPTO quickly. See how easy it is!

Trademark Registration Review

Alright, it’s time to register your company name, logo, and slogan with Trademark Registration in just three easy steps. 

Trademark Registration Review
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The main reason why a company should obtain a trademark is to get more protection in court and become legitimate ownership nationwide. After being registered, the company will get the ® symbol behind the brand name. 

How Trademark Registration Works

  • Filling out a few questionnaires to begin registration within less than 7 minutes. 
  • You’ll get the official application. 
  • Complete the application filling that will be submitted to the USPTO. 

In terms of price, you’ll have three option packages: Basic, Standard, and Deluxe. It already includes USPTO filing fees. 

Basic Package Standard Package  Deluxe Package 
$99 $149 $199
Direct-hit Search Cease & Desist Letter Private Registration
Federal E-Filing with USPTO Transfer/Assignment 24-hour Expedited Processing
Electronic Delivery, etc.  Trademark Monitoring, etc.  Private Registration, etc. 

No need to think twice, get the offer now!

Protect your work by getting Copyright Registration quickly and easily. Once registered, your work will be fully authorized to assert ownership and avoid plagiarism.  

Copyright Registration Review
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This service can help you copyright your computer programs, photograph, catalogs, advertising copy, artwork, technical drawings, music & lyric, choreographic work, documentary film, screenplay, animated films, and many more. 

The Easy Steps

  • Answer quick online questions 
  • Get your official application. The team will review your work and send it for approval 
  • Upload your work to file your document with the U.S. Copyright Office

Now, it’s time to choose your package, as mentioned in the table below:

Basic Package  Deluxe Package 
$99 $199
Professional Preparation Cease & Desist Letter
Federal E-Filing Transfer/Assignment
Certificate of Registration, etc.  24-hour Expedited Processing, etc. 

View more details for the other benefits of each package on the website. 

Trademark Engine Price

The company provides as low costs as possible to give everyone access to all services comfortably without considering the price. Well, it’s not going to burn a hole in your pocket. 

The most affordable price is the basic package at $99; you can find over $200 for the other packages. If you want to save more, use the promo code on the website. 

Trademark Engine vs. LegalZoom

Some of you might be familiar with these two services. To answer your curiosity about the differences between the two, check out the table below: 

  Trademark Engine  LegalZoom
Trademark registration price Starting from $99 for basic package $599 
Type of service  Trademark and Copyright Trademark, LLC, business licenses
Customer service  Mon – Fri, 9 am – 6 pm CST. Mob – Fri, 5 am – 7 pm PT.
Excellent service Yes  Yes 

As you can see, Trademark Engine is more affordable than Legalzoom for trademark registration. In addition, it provides you with a selection of packages based on your preferences. 

Trademark Engine Pros & Cons

In this section, we invite you to look at both sides of the website to make it easier to identify. Check it out!

Trademark Engine Pros 

  • Great to build your branding and manage your company 
  • Fast and simple process 
  • The website is easy to navigate
  • There are plenty of service options
  • Help to file for a USPTO trademark
  • Available at the best price 

Trademark Engine Cons 

  • Honestly, we’re struggling to find any faults in this website

Is Trademark Engine Legit?

Based on our research, Trademark Engine is a great company that focuses on registering company trademarks and copyright for legal ownership. 

Is Trademark Engine Legit?
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Although it does not serve as a lawyer referral service, all steps of the process are in compliance with legal standards. As a result, You are free to access it easily without any hassle. 

Is Trademark Engine Worth To Buy?

This website helps you to search and apply your trademark and copyright online in a professional manner. It suits new companies looking to expand their business to break into the marketplace ranks. 

Is this worth enough? Obviously, this website is wellworth in terms of service quality, price, and process efficiency. You won’t regret the service at all. 

Trademark Engine Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think

You can look at the testimonials available on this website to build your trust. Here, we found over 6k reviews giving real customer reviews for your reference. In total, it has 4.8/5 stars based on 6.353 customer reviews in TrustPilot. 

One customer said:

Support was super helpful. The site was extremely user-friendly.

Based on the review above, one buyer is extremely happy with the trademark registration, especially the easy and fast process. 

Another buyer left a positive comment on the customer service. The team is always responsive and tries their best to solve client problems. As he said: 

I just made two applications and immediate got answers to my questions by email and live chat with Sky and Dave. I am very happy with this service and plan to recommend the company.

Again, the exceptional quality of service juga is also agreed by the following customer: She said: 

The customer service give detail information, which made applying for my Trademark registration super easy. It was great to talk to a real person about it.

Other than that, 98% of customers on Shopper Approved, a trusted review platform, recommend this website as the best service ever. 

The highlight points include easy access and simple steps that benefit all clients. Thus, there’s no hesitation anymore about the service quality.

Trademark Engine Customer Service

How do I contact Trademark Engine?

Let customer service representatives know if you need help by contacting them via:

The team will be online during business hours, from Monday to Friday, 9 am – 6 pm CST.

Or, keep in touch with them via social media at:

  • Facebook: @trademarkengine 
  • Twitter: @TrademarkEngine

Trademark Engine Refund Policy

How Do I Get A Refund On A Trademark Engine?

Only the Trademark Engine fee is eligible for a refund. The remaining government fees related to your filing services are not refundable. 

If something goes wrong that makes you unsatisfied with the service, you can request a refund by calling the customer service representatives first. 

Where To Order Trademark Engine

Get access to trademark registration by visiting Trademark Engine’s official website. Keep an eye on its website to discover all the exciting offers to create your company’s reputation. 


We provide Frequently Asked Questions for customers who find the general answers while searching for Trademark Engine reviews. 

How Do I Login To Trademark Engine?

Open the website and find “My Account” on the top page after the “Contact Us” panel. Enter your name and password to login into your account. 

How Do I Cancel Trademark Engine Subscription?

If you wish to cancel your subscription for any reason, please contact customer service to process your cancellation. Or visit the Term of Service page to get the details info. 

Where Is Trademark Engine Located?

According to Crunchbase, this company is located in Houston, Texas, United States. 


To pinpoint the best trademark registration service, you must understand many factors, including the price, benefits, and efficiency. Additionally, consider the excellent services which provide proper feedback on your needs up to the end. 

Overall, Trademark Engine has everything you need to trademark your new company. This is a perfect place for every company hoping for fast and accurate service. 

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