Sonetel Reviews

Sonetel is a company that provides a global call-forwarding service. You can rent a local phone number from them in any country and city of choice.

Sonetel Reviews
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Anyone who calls that number will reach you, but they won’t know where you are. It’s a win-win solution for the venture and customers by having this localized persona.

And if you’re still hesitating, you should know that they also have voice response, call recording, and an app version available.

You can’t doubt Sonetel’s popularity since it has 57k+ followers and likes on Facebook. Thus, it should be there’s no hesitation in trying this service.

Now, if you are wondering what this service can give you, this Sonetel Review is here with in-depth discussion, pros and cons, customer reviews, and everything in between. So, read on!

Why Sonetel?

First of all, Sonetel Review on Trustpilot has a 4.7/5 star score from thousands of reviewers. Most of them have good experience with the company. And if the reviews are not enough to convince you, then you should check their pricing plans.

They offer a free subscription plan for you. You only pay for the forwarded minutes and the phone number cost. And it can be as low as $1.79 each month.

The company understands micro and small businesses also aim to be a global force. Therefore, they only created plans that fit businesses on all levels. Don’t believe us? You can always try this brand for free.

What's On Sonetel

Did you know that this brand allows you to choose any country for the phone number? Of course, it will reflect on the final quotation price. As the free numbers are primarily from the United States.

In addition to phone number services, the brand also offers voice responses and call recording. As a customer, you may dislike hearing robots guiding you on which button to press.

But as a company, having this static voice can show professionalism as the customers will see the message that you mean business.

Sonetel App Review

To help your business, Sonetel has several Apps available across all platforms. You can download it on your Android and iOS devices. The responses also have been positive.

Sonetel App Review
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Their App on Google Playstore has thousands of downloads with primarily positive reviews. So you can relax knowing that the app is legit and safe to use.

The average rating for the App on Google is 3.5 stars, while on iOS, they have better reception with 4.0 stars.

You also can use the brand’s Apps through the web App. It’s perfect if you want to delegate a task to an employee but can’t afford a phone for them yet.

The web app is very simple and has the same layout and usage as the mobile apps. At any rate, you won’t regret it at all.

How To Order Sonetel

If you’re still curious, the company offers you to try the forwarding service for free. The free trial period means you can have a US phone number for your business until you start paying for the subscription.

The process of getting the brand service is very easy. You start by choosing the country and city to see the available numbers.

Then you click sign up to start using Sonetel. It is as simple as that! No wonder more than two million companies worldwide trust this company.

How Does Sonetel Work?

Sonetel works as a call forwarder. They provide a local phone number as the “public” or destination number for the customers to reach you.

The local phone number acts like a PO Box. You will receive the calls and can communicate with your customers. But they won’t know where you are because the brand forwards the call to your number.

For example, you’re a small business in the UK that was affected by Brexit. You can get the brand’s number to have an EU local number for your company to help you expand your business across the channels.

The same situation also can happen if you’re from a small Eastern European country and want to make a break in the US market.

Sonetel Plans and Pricing

What a Sonetel review without looking at the pricing plans. They only have three plans to choose from, free, premium, and business plans. For the premium and business plans will receive up to 4000 free forwarded minutes per user and month.

The premium plan will cost you $9.95 for each user every year. You also can get discounted calls and up to 100GB of data storage for each user. That is a massive upgrade from the free plan that only has 2GB of data storage and only one phone number.

For the business plan, you will pay $29.95 for each user annually, but you will get a 50% discount on calls, Twitter integration, up to 1TB of data storage, and extended personal support.

Sonetel Pros & Cons

Of course, it’s not a review without the pros and cons list. You already know their plans and what they do. So now it’s time for what’s good and not so good from Sonetel.

Sonetel pros

  • Offers free subscription plans
  • Has affordable pricings for all customers
  • Can provide a 95% reduction rate for Euro numbers
  • Trusted by more than two million companies in 239 countries

Sonetel cons

  • The free plan is very limiting
  • Prices may differ greatly depending on your origin country

Is Sonetel Worth It?

If you plan to make your brand go global, Sonetel is worth every penny. Even though you started with the free plan, you will soon understand that upgrading to premium is the best way to go.

Is Sonetel Worth It?
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After all, having a local phone number can help you gain the customers’ trust.

Sonetel Customer Reviews

What Do Customeers Think?

Of course, the brand doesn’t let you shop for their products without knowing customer feedback on the brand. For that, we included some customer reviews that we got from Trustpilot. There, the brand is rated 4.7/5 stars. So, let’s prove it!

Sonetel Customer Reviews
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Let’s look at the customer feedback that praises the brand’s service. This customer said:

The service is very professional. The registration process was easy, and customer service was always there to help me resolve any issues for the few minor questions and issues I had. I highly recommend it!

Not only is the brand service excellent, but the staff and customer service also seem very professional and responsive. Here’s some feedback that says so:

Fast response. Sonetel requested the applicable information and reacted quickly to my phone settings. I’ve also installed the app on my phone, which is convenient. I highly recommend this brand!

Of course, what you can’t miss is the price. We found a customer giving this brand a perfect rating because the price offered is very affordable. He said:

I used a virtual number from Sonetel to interview people in other regions. The process of getting a new number was straightforward and cheap. Their support is amazing!

The brand’s customer service always assists whatever your needs are. It is evident by customer feedback that says:

I love your customer service. Whenever I asked anything, the customer service team tried to reply as fast as possible and solved cases effectively. I appreciate this. Thank you!

We then researched customer feedback on the Trustpilot website, and most of them said the brand provides fast responses and has many good features. In addition, most customers also agreed that creating a new account was very easy.

What is Sonetel used for?

Using Sonetel in your business means you are showing a localized presence. It is not only crucial for the company image but also for your communication expenses. Many ventures lost their chances because they didn’t use a call-forwarder service like this brand to reach out to their customers.

Sonetel Customer Service

How To Contact Sonetel

Feel free to contact customer service for assistance if you have any questions about Sonetel. Visit the contact page and complete the form to submit an inquiry to the brand’s customer service. In addition, you can also contact customer service via:

Where To Buy Sonetel

Sonetel helps you have your own virtual phone number in any city or country worldwide. To get your own number with confidence, please visit the brand’s official website and choose the price you want. Their customer service is ready to help if you have any difficulties.


The following are some frequently asked questions about Sonetel that might help answer your curiosity.

Is Sonetel a good company?

Yes, it is. We confidently say that it’s a good service since besides having more services than others, it also comes with an excellent customer support team.

Is Sonetel a VoIP?

Yes, it is. Sonetel’s VoIP software allows you to make cheap international calls.

Can Sonetel receive SMS?

Sonetel allows you to receive SMS, but it’s not yet possible for you to send SMS with it.


Choosing Sonetel may be one of the best business decisions you made. They provide a global phone number so you can propel your business to the world and reach a wider audience.

This brand will help you thoroughly to get the number you want. In addition, their customer service is very professional, so it’s no wonder this brand gets such good ratings.

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