Time Etc Reviews

Founded in 2007 by Barnaby Lashbrooke, Time Etc is a company that provides experienced executive assistant service. This company was founded during Barnaby was busy working 100+ hour weeks and many things that he had to do on his plates.

Time Etc Reviews
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These excessive jobs consumed his time to grow on business since he was busy running it. Until one day, he met Penni Pike as the assistant of Richard Branson.

From their meeting, he found how vital an assistant is to decrease your workload, mainly for those who struggle with to-do lists and long working hours like him.

After that, its company established a service that pairs hard-working entrepreneurs with brilliant assistants that can be paid affordable monthly fees.

This service keeps thriving until 13 years later; it has helped 22K+ entrepreneurs to achieve more and share a meaningful job desk with thousands of assistants.

With its record in delegating entrepreneurs and hiring excellent assistants, this brand has outstanding achievements such as becoming Best Overall in The Balance, Best Virtual Assistant Service in Review 42, Best Virtual Assistant Service Winner in Investopedia, Best Virtual Assistant Company in Fit Small Business, and others.

The popularity of the brand is proven by its 2k followers on its social media, which is Twitter.

However, can their virtual assistant be beneficial and worth the price? So to ensure this brand credibility, this Time Etc review will discuss this service platform from the service review to the customer testimonials.

Why Time Etc?

Focusing on Time Etc UK and the US, this brand has a broad reach to every entrepreneur to have an assistant that helps them run the business. With a long history in the industry, this service is absolutely why you should use it instead of others.

This service is relatively highly rated since it has proven its quality in the industry with its experience in assisting big and small companies such as Google, Herman Miller, Virgin, and Facebook. HubSpot, KFC, and others.

It also strictly chooses the assistant that will work for them with a 10-stage of the selection process. If you use its service, you will carefully match it with an experienced assistant based on the skills, personality, and experience that you need.

With its service, you can earn more and use your energy for high-impact tasks. Aside from that, you don’t have to do stress-free HR to have your assistant since all of the assistants is has selected with high requirements.

What's On Time Etc Assistant

As we’ve mentioned, it has only one service, the Time Etc Virtual assistant. The assistant in its services can handle a variety of tasks, from schedule management to social media management.

Tasks Assisting

  • Helping with to-do lists
  • Managing inbox
  • Managing Schedule
  • Researching
  • Formatting document
  • Updating website
  • Writing content
  • Managing social media
  • Sorting expenses and receipts
  • Data entry
  • Others

So in the following section, we’ll review its service to see how the Virtual Assistant Service can help you. So keep on reading!

Time Etc Virtual Assistant Reviews

Can’t manage your workload? Time Etc Virtual Assistant is a service where entrepreneurs or anyone an assistant can meet to let decrease the workload and focus on something that matters more. Once you use its service, you can give tasks and let the expert take care of them on your behalf.

Time Etc Virtual Assistant Reviews
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All the assistants have an average of 12 years of experience, ensuring you can get the best assistant to get the job done. In addition, this service is based in the US and will work remotely, available during your working hours.

More importantly, you don’t have to worry about your job security since it has a rock-solid confidentiality agreement.

Also, if the full-time assistant gives you only one assistant with a limited capability, this service allows you to work with multiple assistants depending on the skills you need at no additional charge.

This service also can provide quick turns around, and you can feel free to share the dedicated assistant with your team. The real-time tracking also lets you know how long you’ve spent, and you don’t have to worry if there’s time left since it can be a rollover.

The Time Etc Virtual Assistant also has the flexibility to switch plans anytime with expert support to take care of everything. So whether you are an entrepreneur, team, or even executive, you can work with an experienced assistant to make work more efficient!

9.0 9/10
10.0 10/10
9.0 9/10

Time Etc Pricing

Questioning about how much the plans cost? The Time Etc pricing is quite affordable, ranging from $360-$1980/month depending on how offers you want to harness. Below are the current pricing plans and pricing that you can find on its website:

  10 hours 20 hours 40 hours 60 hours
Monthly Cost $360 $700 $1360 $1980
Dedicated assistant
Expertly matched
Free extra assistants
Free share with your team
Unused hours rollover
Complete satisfaction guarantee
Switch plans or cancel any time

Lastly, you must know that this service has offers where you can try the first task for free!

Time Etc Jobs Reviews

Have experience as an assistant but have no time to work full-time? No worries, you can do the Time Etc Apply to work as a freelance assistant remotely from your comfort.

Time Etc Jobs Reviews
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With the career that it offers, it can allow you to work something meaningful from your home to work with the world’s most exciting entrepreneurs. However, remember you need 5-8 years of relevant experience to work with them.

Among its assistants is an assistant working in a big company like AOL, Virgin, and Apple. After applying, you’ll follow the 10 stages of the selection process, including the Time Etc interview questions.

Those ten stages include filtering aspects such as critical traits, personality, education, experience, English skills, communication, software experience, tech-savvy, environment & equipment, and long-term commitment.

It also has an excellent freelancer review on Glassdoor that states they can treat you respectfully, and your dedication and hard work will be rewarded. So if you have a superb experience but want to spend more time at home, this Time Etc job will be an excellent option!

Time Etc Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Before you use their service, it’s better to see the customer review to see how the clients experience after using their service or if there is any complaint. So this section will be dedicated to seeing the Time Etc reviews from the clients and freelancers.

On the Time Etc Glassdoor, it has 4.5/5 average ratings from 184 reviews. Here’s one of the freelancer reviews that is worth considering:

Pros: It has very flexible work. It’s good if you are returning to the workforce or demand some extra experience.
Cons: Low pay, so it is not great forever.

From one of the freelancer reviews above, we can see that most freelancers feel like gladly work with them with excellent support and a respectful team. However, many freelancers complain that the pay is too low.

Now let’s see the client review that we found in Trustpilot with a 4.7/5 average rating from 86 reviews:

You get immensely customer-friendly support from the start, and they stay in touch to ensure you are happy with their services.

In contrast, a customer also said:

Having initially found the concept and onboarding experience a little confusing… Having started slowly with a few minor task requests, I am finally building up momentum with my assistant and finding her to be most helpful. Indeed a high-quality experience…

The review above shows that the service and assistant are also very helpful. Aside from that, there are mixed client reviews about the customer service team’s responsivity. However, we think that’s not a big deal since the clients still give a 4-star rating.

Is Time Etc Worth It?

With its existence in the industry since 2007, Time Etc is a highly recommended virtual assistant service platform if you are looking for the most reliable one. With a long history, this brand has a great list of working with experienced freelance assistants and big and small companies.

Is Time Etc Worth It?
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facebook.com/trytimeetc https://facebook.com/trytimeetc

In addition, it is 90% more affordable than hiring an assistant full-time with limited capability. This service also gives you a modern approach and work with more flexibility to work with more than one assistant.

Its customer and freelancer reviews also show how positive this platform is. Indeed there are some complaints about the freelancer’s salary and the customer service team, but most of all, it’s not a deal breaker since its average rating is still above four stars.

So we think this service will be worth investing in if you are looking for a flexible and experienced assistant that you can at a very reasonable price!

Time Etc Pros & Cons

Still undecided after reading this long review? Below we have compiled the Time Etc pros and cons to let you clearly see the flaws and advantages of this service platform:

Time Etc Pros

  • A more effective way to make you focus on something more important
  • High experience working with a big company
  • No stressful assistant hiring process
  • The Assistants have 12 average experience
  • 90%  more affordable than hiring a full-time assistant
  • Unused hours rollover 
  • A satisfaction guarantee that guarantees the risk-free purchase
  • Flexible plans that can be switched or canceled anytime

Time Etc Cons

  • Need improvement in the customer service team responsivity
  • The freelance think that the pay is too low

How To Contact Time Etc

Need more information according to how Time Etc can help you? No matter what your concern is, you can contact Time Etc customer service via:

  • Email: hello@timeetc.com
  • Phone: 1-800-297-8540
  • Form: Contact Us form
  • Social Media:
    • Facebook: @trytimeetc 
    • Instagram: @timeetc
    • Twitter: @timeetc
  • Address: 511 Avenue of the Americas #4051, New York, NY 10011

Where To Buy Time Etc

Have you decided to have an assistant to help you in the business? If so, the only place to book their service is from the Time Etc website.


When looking for the Time Etc reviews, some of the customers usually asking for certain frequently asked questions that we’ll compile below:

Is Time Etc a good company to work for?

With highly positive reviews on Glassdoor from their freelancer, it will be a good choice for those who want to work on a flexible schedule.

How do Time Etc login?

If you’ve signed up for an account, doing the Time Etc login is easy since you just need to input your registered email address and password. Then you can access the Time Etc dashboard to access your tasks.

How much does Time Etc salary?

Questioning how do you get paid with Time Etc? You’ll be paid depending on the hour you work with the clients. The salary starts from $38,875 per year to $67,496 per year.


Having an assistant to manage your work can be beneficial to allow you to work on something more vital and grow your business. Time Etc is a great option to look for an assistant without a stressful hiring process.

It allows you to work with more than one assistant, depending on the expertise that you need. In addition, this service also costs less than having a full-time assistant that you may be afraid you may not know they are capable of doing work.

Hopefully, this Time Etc review will help you to lift the burden on your shoulder and work more efficiently and effectively!

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