Business Rocket Reviews

Whether starting a new business or developing your company, Business Rocket is one top shop solution for managing your business’ compliance obligations based in California. 

Business Rocket Reviews
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Business Rocket strives to help individuals run their businesses by providing the most accessible streamlined system for forming business entities. It also serves as a consultant for accurate strategies and information. 

Some well-known organizations trust this company, including Inc, Forbes, iPostal1, Experian, Chase for Business, Digital Product Company, Lodge Zone, Johny Rocket, and many more.

It’s no surprise that over 5k clients successfully registered their corporations. Yup, this company is getting so popular among business owners. 

Plus, they seem active on social media, with more than 8k followers and a verified bandage account on Twitter.

To discover more details about the services, Business Rocket Review provides an in-depth review for your ultimate guidance before starting your purchase.

Without any further ado, let’s start your business journey!

Why Business Rocket?

At Business Rocket, enjoy free consultations session with experts before starting your registration. As a result, gaining new insights to improve your company will be much easier.

Other than that, you’ll love how this service gives you multiple benefits to achieve your satisfaction, as listed below: 


  • Available in the best packages to start your company 
  • Hassle-free to access the website 24/7 
  • Offers exceptional quality services 
  • Quick responses and provide accurate info 
  • Provides safe and transparent pricing 
  • It has 5-stars customer reviews 

What's On Business Rocket

They come with four signature services: Start, Get, Grow, and Manage. These ultimate services provide a different package based on the levels. All you need is to find the right package to begin your business. 

  • Start

It will be an excellent service for those who have just started their business. It’s important to build up your quality and to create branding.

You have plenty of options starting to register your LLC, Corporation, Non-Profit, Sole-Proprietorship and create your Partnership or DBA.

  • Get

If you need to get permits and valid licenses in California. This company offers TCP license for easier transport of passengers during business activity or MTR license for the transportation of personal property. 

The other licenses are available such as Calbar license for a company looking to operate a law firm, Bar license for repairing automobiles, Dealer Occupation to sell automobiles, US Dot for cargo interstate, and MCP for transporting parcels. 

  • Grow

Need to increase your company value? Start your Trademark registration in a minute. Or create your own Website Design to develop your web the way you want.

You can also apply for Merchant services to process your credit card quickly. The benefit you’ll get such as get the lowest rates, mobile processing, next-day deposits, etc.

  • Manage

Manage your company to ensure everything goes smoothly. Start with Tax Services, which provides 1099 reporting and other business taxes. Or try Bookkeeping Services to control income and expenses. 

Get Ownership Change or Address Change Service if you wish to restructure your business. If you want to dissolve your company accurately according to state and federal regulations, learn more about Dissolution/Closure Services

Business Rocket LLC Registration Review

Alright, let’s discuss more details about the easy step to begin your LLC Registration, as well as the benefits to your company name. 

Business Rocket LLC Registration Review
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Benefits of LLC

  • You’ll receive liability protection
  • Report business income and other taxes regulation is much easier
  • It will be great for passive income investments 

The Step to Get Started

  • Fill out the form by answering a few questions related to your business
  • The team will prepare your LLC formation documents
  • Your documents are filed with the government
  • Check your email to open the digitized documents

There are three packages you can choose from, starting from starter, essentials, and supreme. The essentials package is the most popular among others. Have a look at the following table comparison:

  Starter Essentials  Supreme
Price $49 $147  $254 
Register LLC with the State
Includes EIN 
Essential internal documents 

Extra benefits for the supreme package are designed for complex ownership structures. It is suitable for companies looking for reliable investors. 

Business Rocket Trademark Registration Review

Business Rocket provides Trademark Registration to grow your business and protect your company’s reputation in the marketplace. 

Business Rocket Trademark Registration Review
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By combining in-house expertise with comprehensive consultation, this service provides the most cost-effective solution for trademark registration. 

Benefits of Trademark

  • Protect your company
  • Ability to use ® symbol 
  • Boost company value
  • Deter competitors
  • Prevent counterfeit

Visit the website and start to login to complete your first step!

Business Rocket Price

This company provides the most economical prices on the market to access all services confidently. It depends on what service you choose, along with the package options. 

You can save up to 27% on each package. If you get the sale price, it costs under $50 until $250+. Plus, if you get a coupon code, it will automatically reduce the price.

Business Rocket vs. LegalZoom

When it comes to business formation services, the two websites are commonly compared to each other. To determine which one works best for you, please take a look at the table below:

  Business Rocket  LegalZoom
Membership plan

Starter ($49), Essentials ($147), Supreme ($254)

Economy ($79), Standard (329), Express Gold ($349)
Type of services  LLC, corporation, non-profit, partnership, TCP license, trademarks, website design, tax service, etc.  LLC, corporation, non-profit, DBA, trademark, etc.
Advisory services Yes No
EIN (tax number) Include with essentials package $79 (Included with an Operating Agreement)

From the table above, Business Rocket comes out on top with affordable prices and a wide range of service options compared to LegalZoom. 

Business Rocket Pros & Cons

Of course, there are strengths and weaknesses of each online service. It’s something to keep in mind when getting the best service possible. Thus, we’ve listed the key points to note on this website. 

Business Rocket Pros 

  • The website is accessible.
  • Offers many benefits for developing new or existing companies.
  • Gives super fast service with simple formation. 
  • Free consultation with experts.
  • Provide the best pricing.

Business Rocket Cons 

  • Some clients find it challenging to get assistance from the team representative. 

Is Business Rocket Legit?

With Business Rocket, it’s your chance to leverage access to industries dominated by large corporate companies. The company is intended to inspire entrepreneurs to break into a new market. 

Obviously, this company is truly legit to get your business registration done quickly without any hassle. Use this website to the fullest extent possible, with security and simplicity guaranteed for all processing. 

Is Business Rocket Worth It?

With our explanation above, we can tell that you’re in good company. It facilitates you with its best services to establish your business. Yup, Business Rocket is worth every business investment. 

Is Business Rocket Worth It?
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This company has partnered with renowned platforms such as, spaces, fiverr, and Merchant Champ, which brings to the high level of each service.

Business Rocket Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

It’s okay if you’re still skeptical about the quality of services. With that in mind, we will show you some testimonials to validate our arguments and build your trust in this website. 

As seen on Trustpilot, the website has 4.9/5 ratings from a total of 883 customer reviews. Let’s find out below:

Starting from the first customer since 2017. He shared his exciting experience of being partnered with Business Rocket which provides exceptional service in all matters. He said:

Our office has been working with BusinessRocket for close to four years, and during this time, they have been an immense help to our practice. We consider them a partner in our business due to their great knowledge along with their willingness to always help … 

Another customer also posted a positive comment. He added that customer support helped him greatly with fast and straightforwardness. As he mentioned:

I am amazed at their customer service and quality of work. I spoke to them on multiple occasions, and every time had a great experience on the phone. The staff was knowledgeable, pleasant, and honest. They definitely earned my referrals.

Next, one customer agrees with how responsive the customer service is to answering any lack of understanding about the website. He comments:

Very informative and responsive. The team answered all my questions and problems with corporate formation and taxes.

From all the statements above, we can tell that this website receives almost perfect ratings and many clients are so happy with the service. For sure, it deserves all recognition. 

Business Rocket Customer Service

Still finding yourself a little lost? Ask anything to customer service for assistance. Call them by phone or send a message through the following email address:

Business Rocket Solutions Ltd.

15442 Ventura Blvd., Ste 101,
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Business Rocket Refund

Unfortunately, Business Rocket doesn’t accept any refund if you want to cancel the subscription before the service is fully rendered. Please note that it only applies to monthly and quarterly subscriptions. 

If you book with a one-time purchase and non-subscription, you can request a refund under the condition that all services, documents, and archives have not been fully processed. 

Contact customer service if you find it difficult about this policy. 

Where To Access Business Rocket

Are you ready to manage your business? Then, visit Business Rocket’s official website and explore further what services you need the most.  


Business Rocket services are home to entrepreneurs. Most of them greatly help with the services provided. Not to mention existing businesses that require additional assistance to grow their company to compete with competitors.

The service is always excellent, and the prices rate is reasonable compared to other platforms. Besides, you can enjoy unlimited access comfortably and safely. 

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