Imprint Plus Review

What does Imprint Plus do?

Imprint Plus provides solutions for your corporate needs of tags and name badges. But that’s not all they can do. They also provide supplies to support social distancing, such as the screen divider and temporary signs.

Imprint Plus Review
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Do you need lapels? Signs? Face masks and shields? They have it too. Even though they are primarily in the printing business, as the Imprint Plus review tells you, they are willing to go above and beyond to provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

The brand is famous among many. They have 5k+ followers on their social media pages, including Facebook and Instagram. Not only that, they’ve also been featured in many media publications, such as Best Western, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Mariott, Canadian Tire, and more.

This Imprint Plus review will provide you with further information about the product that the brand has to offer. Read to learn more!

Why Imprint Plus?

Imprint Plus has a longstanding partnership with multiple corporations like casinos, hotels, resorts, hospitals, etc. Wyndham, Marriott International, Hilton, Dell, and Dairy Queen are to name a few.

You may think Imprint Plus is expensive because these upscale establishments trust them. But when you look into their pricing plans, you can get a set of engraved metal name tags for as low as $6.25 each. More than 37,000 businesses worldwide trust Imprint Plus for their needs.


  • Free ground shipping for orders minimum of $500
  • Competitive rate
  • Numerous templates designs
  • Provides supplies and designing software

What's On Imprint Plus

Imprint Plus is the answer for organizing your events and company. They have custom badges, name tags, lapels, stickers, and more. You also can order a screen divider and face shield here.

What's On Imprint Plus
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The company commits to bringing you the best quality product that meets your specifications. You can choose between rectangle, oval, or square badges. Each shape has different assigned sizes that you can choose.

Then come the material selections. You can choose between steel, aluminum, and plastic. And that’s about it. The rest is setting your design to fit with the badges.

To avoid mistakes, feel free to ask for a sample in advance. But if it’s already happened, their exceptional customer service will help you to return, exchange, or file for a refund.

Imprint Plus allows you to return the products within 30 days after purchase. However, they may charge you a 15% restocking fee. Keep in mind that full custom products are non-returnable or exchangeable.

Imprint Plus Badges Review

So you’re looking for a badge to wear? Whether it’s a photo ID, name tag, or only a lapel pin, Imprint Plus has it for you. They have several materials and colors for you to choose from. If you want something far more professional, then a steel or aluminum badge is the one for you.

Imprint Plus Badges Review
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They are sturdy and can last a long time. To ensure longevity, you can opt for metal badges. Here’s a secret, they also offer reusable metal and eco-friendly badges made from bamboo.

Imprint Plus also offers Photo ID and membership badges where you can attach your picture on the nametag! This is extremely helpful if you’re in a hospitality service or want more than a name and job level. You can get the photo ID and membership badges.

Imprint Plus Template Design Review

Don’t have a design ready? No need to worry. Imprint Plus provides several templates that you can choose to build your nametag and signs.

Imprint Plus Template Design Review
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The browser-based graphic editor may be basic, but it will help you to do an early design for your badges. You can add text and images to the badges’ design. Then upload the CSV or Microsoft Excel file filled with names for the badges. And that’s it! Your design is ready for print. You can print it directly or save it as a pdf before sending the file to Imprint Plus for engraving.

These four steps can set the tone for your event or company’s overall image. Of course, you can always return to the previous steps to fix any minor mistakes.

And if you want to explore more of their designs and products, Imprint Plus also has graphic design software. You can purchase the software separately and explore more designs based on their product specifications.

As you can see in this Imprint Plus review, the company can do more for you than you expect.

How To Order Imprint Plus

If you are ready with a design and template, you can order right away from Imprint Plus. You just need to head over to the product selection and customize it to fit your needs.

First, you need to decide on the product. Whether it’s an ID or a reusable For badge, they offer square, oval, and rectangle ones.

If you already have a design, you can upload your design right away. But if you don’t, you can use their design templates.

Do you think your design is too complicated for their templates, or do you want a specific number? Not a problem. You can mail them directly for a quote and request a sample set before deciding.

Imprint Plus Pricing

Let’s get to know the pricing range that the brand has to offer. Luckily, most of their products sell at affordable price points. But, as these premium name badges are customizable, the price can vary.

It depends on your designs, shapes, and materials, making the price lower or more expensive. The price range is $200 – $300+, not including a discount. Of course, the deal and promos will save much of your budget.

Imprint Plus Pros and Cons

We understand that reading Imprint plus review may not be enough for you. Therefore, we list the pros and cons to help you decide.

Imprint Plus Pros

  • Highly trusted company
  • Affordable prices for large orders
  • Numerous design templates
  • Offer a wide variety of samples
  • 30-days warranty
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Imprint Plus Cons

  • It may not be suitable for a micro business or order under twenty badges
  • 15% restocking fee for returns

Is Imprint Plus Worth It?

Whether ordering only twenty or hundreds of badges, you can rely on Imprint Plus to deliver the best. They have different pricing sets based on the material and difficulties.

Imprint Plus Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Knowing the reviews from customers will save you a lot of time. You can decide whether to buy products from the brand faster. So in this section, this Imprint Plus review will give you what customers have to say about the brand. Let’s hear from them.

Imprint Plus Customer Reviews
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Based on TrustPilot, we found that the brand has a 3.8/5 star rating from 1.3k+ reviews. It says a lot about the brand, which is great overall.

One customer gives a statement:

We have used Imprint Plus for our badge equipment for a few years. The ordering process is always very streamlined, and I have dealt with Suzanne, who always provides fantastic customer service. The badges they provide are of excellent quality and very durable. Thanks so much to the team at Imprint Plus!

Another happy customer was satisfied with their excellent product and also customer service:

The system is user-friendly. We’ve used Imprintplus name tags, software, and supplies for years. We’re thrilled with the products quality. Everyone loves so much with the badge. It looks exclusive and professional. Our product and marketing associate answered and solved all our issues immediately. Excellent customer service. The shipment always got here on time.

Of course, customers also had some issues, but as far as we did research, there’s no super glaring. Instead, many happy customers have used the brand’s product for over a year. So it’s time for your company to use this brand as your main choice!

Imprint Plus Customer Service

If you have any questions that this review didn’t provide, you can contact the brand’s customer service via:

They’re available Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM – 7:30 PM EST.

Where To Buy Imprint Plus

The brand only sells its product on its official website. You can choose gorgeous yet professional designs or customize your badge design that suits your needs. Moreover, you can also get discounted prices, promos, and many more.


If you care about longevity and creativity, you won’t hesitate to order from Imprint Plus. They offer numerous Choosing Imprint Plus for your event or establishment is a perfect solution if you want good quality badges and tags. They have numerous design templates for you to customize.

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