Patriot Software Reviews

With the rising of payroll and accounting software, many people have noticed the convenience of using modern ways to manage payroll and accounting. This kind of software makes work faster and easier, letting you manage the time to do something else.

Patriot Software Reviews
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Kickstarted in 1986, Patriot Software was founded by Michael J. Kappel. It began in a small basement with no air conditioning, heat, or floor that could cause a hectic flood. Everything starts so rough. Instead of clients, the only visitor that regularly visits their office is rats, flies, birds, and snakes.

No income and max out the credit card lead them to borrow from relatives to preserve their company. 4 years ahead, their employees discovered anything that resembles a genuine paycheck.

This startup eventually grew and spawned other companies, two of which became medium-sized companies. Patriot Software is its fifth startup established to give you the most simple and cost-effective accounting and payroll platform for all people accross America.

It aims to make accounting and payroll fast, straightforward and affordable for millions of businesses and accountants. With its cutting-edge platform, it has become the solution for people working in the field, which is proven by receiving 2.5K+, 3.1K+ Facebook and 2.6K+ Twitter followers.

Aside from that, this platform also features in several remarkable publishing media, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., and U.S.News. Crain, and All Business

Despite those things, can this be helpful and worth your money? Hence, this Patriot Software review will give all information about this brand!

Why Patriot Software?

Having accounting and payroll tools can make your work much more accessible and more convenient, but not all tools offer the same price and features. So what makes this brand stand out among other platforms?

It uses a high-end engineering quality that can provide various daily, tested, secure, and bug-free updates. Furthermore, the software development and design are created on the quality, repeatable, and sustainable process to ensure you can be delighted with the experience.

Patriot also keeps the pricing lower than other competitors that have cookie-cutter approaches. Furthermore, security and safety are its top priority by using the highest security hardware technology that adheres to all federal privacy, security laws, and anti-scam.

What’s more, its platform is also 100% online and mobile friendly, so you can access the app from any desktop, tablet, or phone.

What's On Patriot Software

Whether you are a small business or an accountant, this platform offers a product that can save you time on administration and let you work on what matters the most.

Mainly this brand has two kinds of offers: accounting and payroll. Now let’s take a look at the short definition of both offers:

Patriot Software Accounting

Robust accounting software that is designed to run your business faster. It can help to manage invoice customers, track money, automatically import bank transactions, switch between cash and accrual basis, and pay bills and financial reports.

Patriot Software Payroll

A payroll software to headache-free work with guaranteed accurate calculations. It offers precise tax calculations, free Patriot Software direct deposit or print checks, free payroll setup, unlimited employee payrolls, customizable Payroll, and Pay W-2 employees or 1099 contractors.

Optional Add-Ons

  • Time & Attendance: It’s like a patriot software time clock which is a convenient way to monitor employee time
  • HR Software: Integrated HR that’s seamless

To give you a better picture of its service, we’ll review one of its services in the following section.

Patriot Software Payroll Reviews

Managing payroll for all of the employees can be extremely hectic and time-consuming. But, with the Patriot Software Payroll cost from $17/month, you can enjoy hassle-free and efficient payroll work.

Patriot Software Payroll Reviews
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Its payroll offers are designed to give a straightforward and free onboarding setup for small to large companies from 1–350 employees. Payroll service allows you to enjoy the 2-day direct deposit available for qualified customers.

It’s also equipped with accounting software integration, mobile-friendly software design, multiple work locations, and unlimited payrolls. The plan is also designed for no long-term contract, so you can quit anytime if you want to stop the program.

The free employee portal also allows employees to monitor their pay stubs, time off balances, payment history, and electronic W-2s. In addition, it comes with Patriot Software 401k integration via Vestwell for more savings and retirement plans.

The Patriot Payroll has two kinds: Basic Payroll and Full Service Payroll. The full service will cost more but has extra features such as filing and depositing federal, state, and local payroll taxes with year-end payroll tax filings and accuracy guaranteed.

10.0 10/10
9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10

Patriot Software Pricing

Questioning about how much their plan cost? After we see their plans, it’s quite affordable with no hidden fee. In addition, you can enjoy a 30-day free trial to see whether your workload is suitable with this software!

Patriot Software Payroll Pricing

  • Basic Payroll: $17/month + $4 per employee/contractor
  • Full-Service Payroll: $37/month + $4 per employee/contractor

Patriot Software Accounting Pricing

  • Accounting Basic: $20/month
  • Accounting Premium: $30/month

Patriot Software vs. Quickbooks

Compete in the field you may have heard of or considered QuickBooks. Thus, in this Patriot Software vs QuickBooks section, we’ll compare each brand so you can point out each difference.

Patriot Pros

  • User-friendly software
  • 30-days free trial
  • Very easy to setup
  • The lower starting price of $17 per Month
  • Outstanding customer service

QuickBooks Pros

  • Available in the App version
  • 30-days free trial
  • It can be used by small to large companies
  • Easy to add vendors and customers
  • Outstanding customer service

Patriot Cons

  • No app but mobile friendly
  • Only for small to medium companies

QuickBooks Cons

  • Higher starting price at $20 per Month
  • Awful user experience


Patriot Software Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

To see this brand’s worthiness and see how’s the customer experience, here we’ll give you the Patriot Software reviews from their customer. 

Below is one of the reviews taken from the Accounting plan website review with a 4.8/5 rating from 258+ reviews: 

Pretty straightforward in setup and maintenance. Customer Service is also good, with an online chat at the ready anytime I had any questions.

The second review listed below is taken from the Payroll review on its website that has a 4.8/5 average rating with 2,808+ reviews total:

Awesome! It’s really easy to use. The online chat is very useful. When I have questions, the customer service answer back very quickly!

The last review is testimonials that we specifically contain of complaints from the Trustpilot that obtain a 4.8/5 average rating from 1,853 reviews:

I’d like to not wait on hold for so long to get help. I would also like the Patriot app to have a “contact us “ button that actually contacts someone. It is annoying to need to look the number up online to call.

From all the reviews above, we noticed that most customers praise how easy the software is to use and set up. In addition, the online chat features and other customer service are beneficial.

Unfortunately, there’s a review that customers hope there’s a contact us button since it is quite a hassle to type all the numbers to call.

Is Patriot Software Worth It?

Investing your money in something is not easy; that’s why you do thorough research to see the brand’s worthiness. After reviewing Patriot Software in the sections above, we can state that this brand is worth considering.

Is Patriot Software Worth It?
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The software has become one of the great companies with affordable pricing and no hidden fee. The comprehensive features are available that you can leverage for convenient and easy administration. The software also develops robust safety technology with Encrypted Data, Bonded Employees, and Audited Annually.

The thousands of positive reviews also proved the existence and quality of their software. Indeed there’s a complaint review, but impressively, the average rating is 4.8/5.

The user- and mobile-friendly design also ensure that you can access it on every device your use. the company is also a BBB-accredited business, and Dun & Bradstreet verified to ensure its legality.

Patriot Software Pros & Cons

So after you heard our opinion about this company, do you think that it’s worth it? So to help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled the Patriot Software pros and cons:

Patriot Software Pros

  • User- and mobile-friendly software
  • Solid security and safety technology
  • Lower price compared to others with no hidden fee
  • 401k integration
  • BBB-accredited business and Dun & Bradstreet verified
  • Hassle-free cancellation
  • The responsive and helpful customer service team
  • Thousands of positive testimonials from the customers

Patriot Software Cons

  • Available for only US
  • Can be great for small to medium businesses only

Patriot Software Customer Service

If you still have unanswered questions that we can’t cover in this review, you can check its FAQ section on its website. So if you are still coping with unanswered questions or need assistance, you can contact Patriot Software customer service via:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 877-968-7147
  • Live Chat: At the bottom right of the page
  • Social Media: Patriot Software
  • Address: 4883 Dressler Rd. NW, Canton, OH 44718

The Patriot customer service team will be available from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. EST, Monday – Friday.

Where To Buy Patriot Software

So are you ready to enjoy convenient and straightforward software? Then, you can visit Patriot Software’s official website to choose the right plan based on your needed administration work. There you can compare each plan and get the best deals!


Below are the Frequently Asked Questions related to this company that you may be curious about.

Who owns Patriot Software?

The Patriot is owned and founded by Michael J. Kappel.

How much does Patriot payroll cost?

The patriot payroll costs $17/month for the Basic Plan and $37/month for the Full Service Payroll with an additional $4 per employee/contractor.

How do I access the Patriot Software employee portal?

To access the employee portal, you should visit and follow with the Patriot Software employee login.

How to do Patriot Software login for employers?

If you are an employer, you can visit its official website and hit the login button at the upper right of the page. Then you can access the dashboard by inserting the registered username and password.

Are Patriot Software careers good?

We think that its career is decent enough since it gains a 4.4/5 average rating from ‎85 votes in Patriot Software Glassdoor.


Accounting and payroll can be pretty complicated and tiresome since employers need to be the multi-talent of tax collectors for the federal, state, and local governments. All of the work need to be complex to ensure there’s no missing number.

But after you read this article, we hope it can lift your burden to make all work much more accessible and efficient. Thanks to Patriot Software, you can get the software to manage accounting and payroll accurately!

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