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We are a Digital Marketing Solutions company bridging retailer, brands, advertisers & app publishers with connected consumers via our innovative solution LifeSight.



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LifeSightMarketing Platform

For Retailers

A comprehensive retail marketing platform to run your own personalised mobile campaigns, reward loyalty points to your customers, offer vouchers and most importantly know your customers

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For Advertisers

A mobile programmatic platform retailers, brands, agencies and advertisers who want to deliver better ads to relevant consumers on the mobile market and stretch the marketing dollars

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For Brands

A data management platform that delivers insights from a spectrum of data sources to best assist you in analysing and measuring key performance indicators so you can make better brand decisions

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For Publishers

An established and far-reaching location-based mobile marketing platform to help mobile app publishers engage their curated and segmented audiences with location intelligence

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Do you know?

Mobile advertising spend has grown by 150% annually globally due to consumers’ time spent on mobile growing by 200% annually

We know your customers

We track and profile millions of customers’ demographics, behaviours, interests and preferences anonymously to enable advertisers to target consumers with highly personalized experiences


Male, 36, Kuala Lumpur, Consultant, High Spend

Coffee Lover, Fitness Freak, Movie Buff, Traveller

Seen at coffee outlets Seen at malls often Seen at baby shops and gyms Seen ads 3 times today

Apps: CIMB Bank, Expedia,, Bloomberg


Female, 20, Jakarta Student, Low Spend

Music Lover, Movie/TV Buff, Gamer, Online Shopper

Seen at restaurants and cafes Seen at malls weekly Seen on online shopping sites Seen ads 10 times today Apps: Lazada, Zalora, Spotify, Amazon, Netflix


Male, 38, Singapore, Consultant, High Spend

Traveller, Golfer, Fine Dining, Live Entertainment

Seen at restaurants and bars Seen at golf courses Seen at airports Seen ads 6 times today Apps: Bloomberg, CNN, GolfBuddy, Singapore Airlines


Female, 32, Kuala Lumpur, Marketer, High Spend

Shopaholic, Coffee Lover, Sweet tooth, Mom

Seen at hypermarket and mall Seen at apparel & shoe shops Seen at kids shops Seen ads 15 times today Apps: MomsCare, Spotify, Netflix, CandyCrush

Case Studies

The brand ran a location-based campaign with redeemable discount vouchers via mobile app advertising platform with the objective to boost sales.
During the 75 days, the brand enjoyed a significant increase in sales and revenue

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The brand ran a location based campaign with a redeemable discount voucher via a mobile app advertising channel to boost sales.
During the 3 months campaign, the brand saw significant results and increased customer loyalty.

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The strategy implemented was digital campaigns with redeemable in-app e-vouchers.
The campaign was planned and commenced for three weeks with great success in reference to the sales and the customer retention achieved.

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