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Digital Ad Industry Problems

The digital ad industry is facing problems and its rapidly changing as new trends emerge. Programmatic and data drivens solutions are on the rise so don’t let your app be stuck with old monetization methods.

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Get paid for your mobile app audience with our ad-free app publisher data solution

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  • Without Ads.
  • With Inactive Users.
  • With Ad Blocker Users. 
  • Earn additional recurring revenue without adding more advertisements, in-app purchases or altering your user experience. Get paid for inactive users.


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    Enable location awareness within your iOS and Android app today with our SDK and start engaging your users with creative messages while being able to monetize your audience data

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    App Publisher Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Ebizu App Publisher Platform?

    The Ebizu App Publisher is designed to help app publisher gain some location insights as well as monetize their app data simply by integrating our SDK into your mobile app.

    How can I make money?

    After you integrate our SDK and publish your app, your app data is transmitted to our data marketplace. All your data is tagged with your app ID therefore letting us identify your data on our platform. Your app data will then be made available on our data marketplace for purchase by potential data buyers. When someone buys your data, you will receive a share of the revenue generated.

    How much could I earn with Ebizu?

    The amount of Ebizu data revenues you will receive can vary based on any of the following:

    • Number of users of your app
    • Geographical distribution of your app users
    • Session length of your users
    • Repeat Usage of your app/”app stickiness”
    • Whether or not you enable location data collection in your app

    Why is there a delay in viewing my earnings?

    As with all data marketplaces, there will always be a delay in viewing your reports. While your app data is shown almost instantly in the Ebizu console, our data buyers will have to extract, match, utilize your data and report back to us before we can update your earnings data into your console. The industry standard is around 2-3 weeks. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team at support@ebizu.com

    How is my revenue share calculated?

    The amount of revenue any app generates is based on the active user data it contributes via the SDK to the data platform. We require the user to have their location sharing on throughout the month for at least 25 days. When your user is classified into an audience segment, they will be given a matchkey. We utilize the matchkey system to uniquely identify which app publisher contributed to the active user identification. This means, if a matchkey has already been provided to the data marketplace, the first app that contributed that matchkey will be compensated when that matchkey is licensed to the data buyer. If the user fall out of an audience segment or uninstall the app (or disables location sharing), then the next app provider who is able to provide the same user data will be compensated.

    What mobile platforms do you support?

    The Ebizu SDK is available on Android and iOS.

    Can I install the Ebizu SDK along with other Advertising SDKs

    Yes. You can use the Ebizu SDK with any other monetization solutions.

    What is the filesize of the Ebizu SDK?

    Approximately 300 kilobytes

    Does the Ebizu SDK require a mobile data connection to function?

    The SDK will continue to function properly both when a mobile user is using a WiFi connection or a mobile data connection.

    How often will I get paid?

    Qualifying app publishers can receive monthly payments for the revenue generated as long as the app generates over $100 in any given week.

    Does this platform protect the users privacy?

    Yes. We follow strict privacy and data security compliance that does not allow any data to be shared without users’ permission. We require all publishers to include a snippet of our privacy policy within their end user agreement.