Understanding the Connected Consumer More Than Ever Before

Deep consumer insights that enable brands and advertisers to visualize and analyze real-time audience segments data from various data sources such as CRM, offline transactions, demographic, interests, preferences and more.

A data platform that helps you understand customers through their journey with your brand

LifeSightFor Brands


Understand which group of consumers shop at your brand


Get footfall traffic and dwell time data as well as frequency of visits

& Attribution

Understand what contributed to spend patterns and behaviour at your brand


Use our market research data to gain insghts and make better decisions

Time + Location + Intent = Moment

 Start reaching your customers in the moment with LifeSight

How It Works

Our data management platform (DMP) collects data from various sources both online and offline. We then transform, organize and unify the data for consumption by everyone

Data Drives Results

With over 1 billion data points being collected, processed, analyzed and measured daily, our actionable analytics is transformed into tangible results via machine learning and predictive analytics

200 million +
consumer profiles tracked

65 thousand +
retail location insights

400 million +
retail transaction data

average lift in sales

Intent Based Consumer Profiling

We use various data sources to intelligently profile consumers into real intent based segments which is any marketers’ dream.


Age, Gender, Income, Relationship Status, Household


Country, City, Visits (Total, Frequency, Recency)


Topics of interest on social media, blogs etc.


Product purchases, Preferences, Brand Affinity


Online & Offline retail spend based on CRM/Apps

Cross Device

Multi-device info, Mobile Ad ID, Cookie IDs

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