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A powerful DSP that delivers personalized experiences for consumers and maximizes ad spend ROI for advertisers & brands with superior audience intelligence and reach

Answer the million dollar question:
Is your online ad spend driving sales in your retail store?

LifeSightFor Advertisers

Location-based Campaigns

Target consumers using precise location tech to drive in-store sales

Offline to Online Retargeting

Reach your customers online after they have visited your offline store

Offline Attribution Measurement

Track how your customers behave offline after viewing your online campaigns

360 Consumer

Understand your customers’ demographics, interests and retail behaviour

Do you know?

Almost 50% of all mobile advertising spend is wasted due to untimely delivery and lack of context

How It Works

We track and profile millions of customers’ demographics, behaviours, interests and preferences anonymously to enable advertisers to target consumers with highly personalized experiences

Curated your audiences using our intuitive intelligent segmenter

View and select segments available from third party data partners

Select audiences, set budgets, target locations and place bids

Ads will placed in ad exchanges based on segments and bids

Campaign results are analyzed and optimized to improve returns

This is the technology media agencies and brands have been waiting for..

Thomas Waite, Unacast

Case Study

Utilizing our clever retail solution platform, we came up with a marketing campaign that helped one of the largest chain restaurant brand to increase sales and revenue in an evidently short amount of time.

As a result of initiating strategic campaign through our retail solution platform, the brand’s sales grew approximatively 700% in a span of just 6 months.

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